Letter S Song
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The Letter S song by Have Fun Teaching is a great way to learn about the letter S. Free Teaching Resources: Use this music video to teach and learn the alphabet, pronunciation, letter S sounds, words with the letter S. and how to write uppercase and lowercase letters S. See the animated version here: Subscribe: Website: Pinterest: Facebook: iTunes: Spotify: Letter S Lyrics S is a consonant in the letter /s/, /s. /, /s/, /s/ (S Sound) I saw a snake in the sand. It likes to climb in the sun /s/, /s/, /s/, /s/ (S Sound) There are things for sale at the store. Some people save, some spend /s/, /s/, /s/, / s/ (S sound) write S uppercase in the air Write lowercase letters in the air /s/, /s/, /s /, /s/ (s. sound). S. is a consonant in the category of letters.

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