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WATCH NOW! Arsenium presents his new video "What is Love"

On May 27 Arsenium released his new video on his official YouTube channel.

WATCH NOW! Arsenium presents his new video "What is Love"
19 Juny 2016

Arsenium almost got to the police during the filming of his new music video!

In April the artist shoot a video for his new song "What is love", directed by Katy Sunnykova.

Arsenium almost got to the police during the filming of his new music video!

Initially, according to the script, it was planned to shoot more scenes, one of which had to take place on the roof where the singer should make a desperate step , not to endure the separation from his beloved. However, at the time when the director's group prepared all the props for the shooting , the police appeared asking everyone to leave the roof immediatly. As it turned out, the crew received an invalid permission for filming from a certain young man that introduced himself as beeing the administrator. The so called "Administrator" dissapeared at the moment when the police arrived. After long proceedings, the artist and the team still managed to avoid to go to the police station but they still were forbidden to continue filming .Therefore it was decided to postpone the shooting on the roof. The weather was another obstacle that day. Due to the changing of the date of filming Arsenium had to shoot all day on the roof in the pouring rain and strong winds.Anyway, it didn't really affect the artist's mood . The clouds and the rain gave a perfect touch to the video. In this music video we follow a love story where the lovers want to be together but their relationship is not really easy. It often happens to all of us. People love each other so much but sometimes they are too different . That makes it hard to move on.
19 Juny 2016

Premiere of the song "Только с тобой"

Arsenium decided to reveal some personal feeling in the song "Толькo с тобой" ( Tolko s toboy ).

Premiere of the song "Только с тобой"

Arsenium as never made public about his private life in the past, not even when there was a lot of gossip around him and Sati Kazanova after the big success of their duet " Do Rassveta ". Now for the first time he decided to reveal some personal feeling in the song "Толькo с тобой" ( Tolko s toboy ). Только с тобой я просыпаюсь , в любви теряюсь ( translated as I wake up only with you and fall in love again)… What did exactly inspired the artist? Is it the spring feeling or maybe Arsenium really found his second half? We will soon find it out! But for now, let's just enjoy his new track! Very soon the song will be internationally released in English. Stay tuned...
29 April 2016

Arsenium is ready to conquer China!

Arsenium just came back from his first China tour.

Arsenium is ready to conquer China!

Arsenium just came back from his first China tour where he also performed at the Spring Gala Festival that is organized by BTV channel. The Spring Gala Festival is the very awaited New Year’s Eve Tv Show, watched by millions of people in China and overseas. His plans for this country don't end here. Proposals for female singers duets are coming and Arsenium is expecting to go back with new projects very soon.
29 April 2016

Golden Gramophone 2015

At the end of 2015, one the most prestigious award ceremony in Russia - Golden Gramophone took place.

Golden Gramophone 2015

Arsenium and Sati Kazanova were awarded for their chart hit "Do Rassveta". Arsenium shared his feelings with his fans in the social networks saying: "I am very very happy! This is my first Golden Gramophone in Russia. Our song was at the top of the "Russian Radio" chart for over 35 weeks. I am thankful to those who voted for us". The award ceremony took place on the 22 november in Saint Petersburg and on the 23 november in Minsk.
29 April 2016


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Только с Тобой
What is Love
Bella Bella
Bella Bella (Russian Version)
Porque Te Amo (Feat. Сати Казанова)
До Рассвета (Feat. Сати Казанова)
Aquamarina (Feat. Janyela)
Happy Birthday To Me
You Can Be Free
Bang Bang
Буду рядом
Erase It
Remember Me
Wake Up

33rd element

Smile To Me
Leave Me Alone
My Love
May Be
Professional HeartBreakers
Love Me Love Me

DiscO-Zone 1

Fiesta de la noche
De ce plang chitarele
Dragostea din tei
Printre nori
Oriunde ai fi
Numai tu


Dar unde esti
Despre tine
Sarbatoarea noptilor de vara
Nu ma las de limba noastra
Dragostea Din Tei (Bonus Track)
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Born in Chisinau, Moldova, Arsenium decided at a very early age that he wanted to be a musician. He listened to Russian music first, and soon he started to write and compose his own songs.

He attended singing school, where they encouraged him to follow a career in opera due to his vocal capacities but he chose to go into pop instead. There he came to know Dan Balan and Radu Sirbu and they formed the famous boys band O-Zone, responsible for the phenomenon “Dragostea Din Tei”, also known as "Numa numa nei", one of the biggest music hits of all times. They sold millions and their album DISCO ZONE was released worldwide.

After O-Zone split in January 2005, Arsenium initiated his solo career. One year later he released his first album "The 33rd Element". Several singles like "Love me love me", "Loca", "Remember me" and "Rumadai" achieved outstanding success especially in France, Germany, East of Europe and Russia. Soon after he was chosen to represent his home country Moldavia in Eurovision Song Contest 2006 where he performed the catchy hit "Loca" with Natalia Gordienko.

In 2014 he took part in the famous Festival de la Canción Viña del Mar, in Chile. The jury of the most prestigious South American song contest gifted Arsenium's performance of "Rumadai" with the Viña del Mar Best Male Singer Award 2014.

Last year 2015 has been another step up in his career. The catchy fresh summer song "Bella Bella" was released worldwide and kept him busy touring throughout the south of Europe during the hot season and being a guest in several festivals. Back to the East, the two main Russian Music TV channels like RUTV and MUZTV nominated his duet song with Sati Kazanova "Do Rassveta" ("Por que te amo" in the English version) to the Best Duet Award . Finally in November he achieved the prestigeous "Zolotoy Grammofon" Award thanks to the votes of thousand of fans.

Currently Arsenium is fully immerse in the great and sometimes difficult creative process. He is working hard to come out with beautiful songs to offer to the world very soon!

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